1. In the know AWARE
6. Simplicity EASE
10. Dundee damsel LASS
14. Ledger entry DEBIT
15. Cannonball, e.g. DIVE
16. In the know about ONTO
17. "The Caine Mutiny" novelist HERMAN WOUK
19. Walk or run GAIT
20. Some NASA data-retrieval missions EVAS
21. Invitation "S" S’IL
22. Take the wrong way? FILCH
23. Empty (of) RID
24. "Reward Your Curiosity" soda VANILLA COKE
27. Fragrant resin ELEMI
29. Dusk, to Donne E’EN
30. Aus. language GER

31. Crescent piece ARC
33. Underworld piece GAT
34. Medical breakthrough CURE
35. 17th-century artistic style HIGH BAROQUE
38. Booted, say SHOD
40. Org. with complex schedules IRS
41. Lump NUB
42. Mr. Potato Head part EAR
43. Tankard filler ALE
44. Ferry stops ISLES
48. Early Schwarzenegger nickname, with "The" AUSTRIAN OAK
53. Asia's __ Darya river AMU
54. Glisten GLEAM
55. "__ Wiedersehen" AUF
56. Oscar-winning Whitaker role AMIN
57. Stadium access RAMP
58. People of good breeding GENTLEFOLK
61. Tommie of the Miracle Mets AGEE
62. Unpopular spots ACNE
63. __ Claire: women's magazine MARIE
64. Sew up MEND
65. Woody __, "Cheers" bartender BOYD
66. Strictly controlled refrigerant FREON

1. Stay attached ADHERE
2. Cotton pest WEEVIL
3. Wear away ABRADE
4. Glass edges RIMS
5. Two after epsilon ETA
6. Dickens' Drood EDWIN
7. Pungent mayo AIOLI
8. "Law and Order: __" SVU
9. It's a scream EEK!
10. Columbo asset LOGIC
11. Veggie burger, to a hamburger ANALOGUE
12. Price place STICKER
13. "In your face!" SO THERE!
18. Decoding org. NSA
22. Twitter follower FAN
24. D.C. neighbor VIRG
25. Edward known for limericks LEAR
26. Reveal LET ON
28. Certain domestic MAID
32. Some like it hot CHILI

33. Word with log or burner GAS
34. Wrigley team CUBS
35. Revelation foursome HORSEMEN
36. City ESE of Los Angeles BREA
37. Nestlé product introduced in 1948 QUIK
38. Big name in liquor SEAGRAM
39. Railroad charge HAULAGE
43. Ulna locale ARM
45. Rossellini film renamed "Ways of Love" in its American version L’AMORE
46. Actor Estevez EMILIO
47. Like the Titanic SUNKEN
49. Wrapped, as an ankle TAPED
50. Nursery employee NANNY
51. Exposed publicly OUTED
52. Old gridiron gp. AFL

56. Where some worship from AFAR
58. Shoot the breeze GAB
59. "Foucault's Pendulum" writer ECO
60. "Unbelievable" rock group EMF


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