Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions!

LA Times Crossword Solutions and Answers for Friday 02/07/2014 - across

1. __-de-sac CUL
4. Consumes INGESTS
11. Privately keep in the email loop, briefly BCC
14. New START signatory USA
15. Unexpected result FALLOUT
16. Bit of cybermirth LOL
17. Upper-bod muscle PEC
18. With great energy, in music AGITATO
19. Gp. that declared obesity a disease AMA
20. Natives who met Lewis and Clark near modern-day Council Bluffs OTOS
22. Scent ODOR
23. Puts one's feet up LAZES
25. Go the distance LAST
26. Desire YEN
27. Stopper, with the KIBOSH
28. Pretended to be ACTED AS
30. Bow tie preference AL DENTE
31. Likely to tax one's budget STEEP
32. Corrida cry OLE!
33. Greenskeeper's supply SOD

34. Topographic feature represented in this puzzle's circles RIVER BEND
39. Inflate PAD
42. Hyde's birthplace? LAB
43. Less furnished BARER
47. Not good for a pro, usually OVER PAR
50. Traditional process for hammock making MACRAME
52. The Canterbury Tales inn TABARD
53. Geometric fig. CIR
54. Moderate pace TROT

55. Dimwit STUPE
56. Small opening PORE
57. Exobiologist's org. SETI
58. Voice actor Castellaneta of The Simpsons DAN
59. Foolishness FATUITY
62. Cotton __ GIN
63. Storied vessel ARK
64. Cheyenne allies ARAPAHO
65. Middle of Nowhere director DuVernay AVA
66. Ed.'s pile MSS
67. First, second or third person? BASEMAN
68. Pinch for Pépin SEL

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