Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions!

LA Times Crossword Solutions and Answers for Friday 02/07/2014 - down

1. Domelike structures CUPOLAS
2. Be diplomatic USE TACT
3. 1920s tennis great René LACOSTE
4. __ tree falls ... IF A
5. Noritake headquarters city NAGOYA
6. Moves smoothly GLIDES
7. John of pop ELTON
8. Hang-glide, say SOAR
9. Word of disdain TUT
10. Impassive STOLID
11. Displays publicly BLAZONS
12. Opens one's eyes COMES TO
13. Butted heads CLASHED
21. Direct STEER
24. First Japanese prime minister born after WWII ABE

27. The Goldfish painter KLEE
29. Print resolution letters DPI
30. Clerical wear ALB
32. Moon, e.g. ORB
35. The Impaler who inspired Dracula VLAD
36. Who hath a story ready for your __: Shak. EAR
37. 2014 Olympics airer NBC
38. Moves quickly DARTS
39. 1945 Big Three city POTSDAM

40. Online game icons AVATARS
41. Proves fallacious DEBUNKS
44. Xenon, for one RARE GAS
45. Soul-stirring EMOTIVE
46. __ scan: ID method RETINAL
48. Knock RAP
49. Assembly-ready PREFAB
50. Sister of Moses and Aaron MIRIAM
51. Big name in soul ARETHA
53. Two-door vehicle COUPE
56. School gps. PTAS
60. __ Pacis: altar of Peace ARA
61. Thither YON

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