Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions!

LA Times Crossword Solutions and Answers for Saturday 2/8/2014


31. Women seen standing at tables DINER WAITRESSES
40. Walmart advantage ONE-STOP SHOPPING
41. Attempts to best COMPETES AGAINST

42. Stretched, in a way STOOD ON ONE'S TOES
43. Italian article UNA
45. Stock problem STAMPEDE

50. Georgia retreat DACHA
55. Ending suggesting wealth -AIRE
56. State treasury EXCHEQUER
59. It's used in dashes GARLIC SALT

62. 51-Down resident ARAB
63. Old-fashioned Neat! GROOVY!
64. Starting to burn LIT

65. Quail collection BEVY
66. Looked bored YAWNED
67. Spinner TOP
68. Drinks from a stand ADES