Crossword Puzzle Answers and Solutions!

LA Times Crossword Solutions and Answers for Saturday 2/8/2014


Part 4

31. JAMA readers DOCS
32. How some NBA games are resolved IN OT
33. Fictional captain NEMO
34. Hockey Hall of Fame nickname ESPO
35. Short retort IS SO!

36. Rain in scattered drops SPIT
37. __-Indian War SINO
38. Bay State motto starter ENSE
39. Friday et al.: Abbr. SGTS
45. Needing a lift, maybe SAGGY
46. Papal headgear TIARA
47. Common keyboard symbol ARROW
48. Winter __ MELON

49. Glorify EXALT
51. Jordanian city AQABA
52. Back to normal CURED
53. Start of a nautical order HEAVE

54. Chain with roast beef Mighty Minis ARBY’S
57. Muse of history CLIO
58. Start of many addresses HTTP
60. __ had it! I’VE
61. Dancer Charisse CYD