* Least populous state capital MONTPELIERVERMONT
* Noted New Yorker feature COVERILLUSTRATION
* Nonviolent protests, e.g CIVILRESISTANCE
* Scholarly evaluations CRITICALREVIEWS
* It flows through Metz MOSELLERIVER
What can be found in the answers to this puzzle's eight starred clues? CHOPPEDLIVER
'Friends' co-star David SCHWIMMER




* London street known for tailoring SAVILEROW
In a new draft REWRITTEN
'Everyday People' lead singer SLYSTONE
* 'The Big Country' co-star BURLIVES
* Manta, e.g DEVILRAY
Blood body PLATELET
Deemed true BELIEVED
Feature of invigorating weather CRISPAIR
Habitual troublemaker BADAPPLE
Intensifies ENHANCES
Keep off a varsity team for a year REDSHIRT
Ladies' man CASANOVA
Like cedar AROMATIC
Low-budget cowboy flick BWESTERN
Most importantly ABOVEALL
When to start a match GAMETIME
Driving force IMPETUS
Survivor's elated cry IMALIVE
'Downtown' singer Clark PETULA
'You -- worry' NEEDNT
Common chalet shape AFRAME
Cop's beat PATROL
Ex -- (out of nothing) NIHILO
Hash house appliances FRYERS
Home of the Senators OTTAWA
Household arts, briefly HOMEEC
Indy 500 entrant's skill RACING
Less chubby LEANER
Oman locale ARABIA
Operate incorrectly MISUSE
Pueblo houses ADOBES
Reposeful ATEASE
Some ducks EIDERS
'Brother, can you spare --?' ADIME
'El Cid' co-star Sophia LOREN
Abundant AMPLE
Also-ran Ross PEROT
Any acetate, chemically ESTER
As red as -- ABEET
Author Jong ERICA
Bay window ORIEL
Blot out ERASE
Blow to the mug, to Brits FACER
Cable channel for hoops fans NBATV
Captured on a VCR, e.g TAPED
Chai -- LATTE
City of old witch trials SALEM
Combat unit CORPS
Credible VALID


Date of the Allies' victory in WWII VEDAY
Detroit dud EDSEL
Egyptian Museum site CAIRO
Exposed the secret of OUTED
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Island east of Java TIMOR
Last name in winemaking GALLO
Lendl and Reitman IVANS
Life partner? DEATH
Long-past OLDEN
Lugged TOTED
Newbery-winning author Scott ODELL
Rested up SLEPT
Revere ADORE
Right one's wrongs ATONE
Section of a long poem CANTO
Seesaw WAVER
Shangri-las EDENS
Sitting Bull's tribe SIOUX
Students' workplace with mice PCLAB
To a degree, informally SORTA
Wastes time IDLES
Ziggy of jazz trumpet ELMAN
'SOS' pop quartet ABBA
-- -to-fiver NINE
-- noire BETE
Alpine goat IBEX
April 1 trick HOAX
Coffin cloth PALL
English lavs LOOS
Expansive WIDE
Fill totally SATE
PC rivals MACS
Pro -- (in proportion) RATA
Remarked SAID
Secy., say ASST
See 124-Down SCAN
'Doesn't thrill me' MEH
'Xanadu' group, briefly ELO
-- up (riled) HET
1960s chess master Mikhail TAL
Actress Tyler or Ullmann LIV
Almost forever EON
Be different? ARE
Caesar's 56 LVI
California's Big -- SUR
Choose OPT
Coq au -- VIN
Crooner Tormé MEL
Desire YEN
Eggs, to Livy OVA
Falsification LIE
Fishtank accessory NET
Friend, in Nice AMI
Gardner of 'Mayerling' AVA
Grade of mediocrity CEE
Hairy cousin of Morticia ITT
Hit forcefully RAM
iDevice download APP
Jr. officer ENS
K.C.-to-Detroit dir ENE
Kindled LIT
Land in eau ILE
Louse CAD
Luau offering LEI
Maven ACE
Med. insurer HMO
Opposite of 'agin' FER
PC bailout key ESC
Poem that uplifts ODE
Prefix meaning 'bird' AVI
Rd. relative AVE
Rd. relatives STS
See 120-Across BAR
Sharable PC file PDF
Sight seer EYE
String past Q RST
Suffix with bass or solo IST
T-Pain music RAP
Upper limit, informally MAX
With 11-Down, hotel suite amenity WET
With 51-Across, med. diagnostic CAT
Zero NIL
Zsa Zsa's sis EVA
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