In a suburb of Las Vegas in Clark county, the community of Henderson, Nevada is being rocked with a police shooting.

The girlfriend of a man shot and killed by Henderson Police this week is sharing her emotional thoughts about the tragedy.
The police did not let her speak to him and she thinks if they had given her the chance to talk with him he would still be alive.

Ariella Kidd says her long time boyfriend Justin Hoey, 36 was troubled and may have been on a suicide mission.

He was acting strange all day says Ariella. He even said that he was going to die today, but did not say how.

Police were supposedly called to the scene for possible domestic violence, but she claims that he never abused her. The worst thing is she had to endure watching the standoff Wednesday morning. Witnesses say Hoey had the gun to his head most of the standoff. Police felt threatened at one point and shot and killed Justin Hoey. Police do have to consider their safety first and are obviously justified in using deadly force when threatened. We will just have to wait for more details to see if this is what happened in this case.

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