Update, Kelly Hyland, is fighting back, suing for a minimum of $5 million in damages and claiming Abby Lee Miller provoked her for ratings!  This is not for the show, it is real!

Here are the actual court documents showing Kelly Hyland was actually arrested in New York in November after a fight with the studio owner of Abby Lee Dance company founder, Abby Lee Miller!

This was not just for the show, the actual court documents show the arrest and court dates between the two.
Here are copies of the actual court documents, Kelly Hyland is scheduled to appear in Court on March 10th, 2014!

Kelly 'Kuhn' Hyland is married to Randy Hyland. She has three children, Brooke, Josh, and Paige Hyland. Kelly actually used to be a student at the Abby Lee Dance Company as a kid!

Bronx Criminal Court
Case #2014BX002582

DefendantHyland, Kelly

CourtBronx Criminal Court  Case # 2014BX002582  Defendant Hyland, Kelly

Kelly Hyland said in the video, this 500 pound hog is pretending to eat me!
I can't make this stuff up!

See it for yourself!




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