Restaurant in Texas puts up a sign calling town rednecks

Amarillo, TX - 09/09/2013

"You sorry assed, rednecked sacks of goat sperm had no idea what you had here!" reads the note. "Good luck with your pre-packaged frozen shit food in this town. Maybe you'll remember us when you're boning your sister and think she smells like pasta."

This Italian restaurant closed its doors recently, wonder why?  Maybe the people of Amarillo are not their target market?  

The restaurant denies posting the sign.  They suggest the offensive sign was taped on the door as a joke by a passerby.

 The alleged sign in the picture is clearly on the inside of the door.  

Hmmm...  If it was inside, maybe it was a disgruntled employee?  Who knows if it is real.  

A reddit user made a great picture showing how the Google earth street view seems to support that the picture is legitimate.  Strange.  Decide for yourself, here is their current Facebook page with the response.

Response to redneck restaurant closing sign!


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